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Welcome to OurParentsHistory.com™  A life long ambition finally realized.  We gather the real story on who you are and more importantly, who you were. Accomplishments, failures, opinions and passions.

Lack of time and history lost.   Their are 70 million video camera's and we mostly have birthday parties with a quick flash of our relatives. Most of us are camera shy to boot!  Decades from now, we will be perceived by what's portrayed on popular television and Hollywoods viewpoint of the world we live in.

I challenge our service to document who you are using a proprietary set of questions designed to capture your personality, record your accomplishments, failures, dreams, challenges, family history and ask the tuff questions.  Why did we make those decisions, what's our attitude toward politics, religion, races?  What were we involved with during the different stages of our lives.  Where did we work and why?  What made us go left rather than right.

My GOAL: Provide an opportunity to see their past relatives, understand who they were, decisions they made and assemble a path to how they got here.  Create a family heirloom. Reference and understand our history.  This includes the smaller subjects that are usually left out, such as our families health history, opinions on political events, religion, attitude etc.  The essence of us, in the beginning and throughout life...

In the future, when questions are asked about our generation, shall we leave it up to a broadcast television spin and Hollywood media to provide the answer?  Who we are needs to be documented. 

Hello and welcome to a lifetimes passion realized.  We are here to provide you a moment captured in time.  A possibility to look back and say, "I'm so glad we called".

IN MY OPINION: There are 75 million video cameras capturing only heaven knows what.  Only a few fortunate ones ever took the time to setup a tape recorder while talking with Mom & Dad or Grandpa and Grandma.  We can't get away from the constant bombardment of soul-less video.  Are we capturing the  When we look at old photographs, what questions would we ask if we could?  Do we or have we ever truly understood a man from his pictures, letters or opinions stated by others, such as newspaper articles.

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